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Heat Technology Plant

About the plant

Since 2011, the Heat Technologies Company has been developing and producing COZY energy-efficient heating system, which has no analogues in electricity consumption and heat removal.
"COZY" heating system is aimed at the audience, striving to save electricity when heating small and medium areas.

Mission of the company

When developing the heating system, the company is based on the main tasks:

✔ Significantly cheaper heating of residential and commercial space.

✔ Reduced cost per square meter for self-heating facilities.

✔ Unsupervised operation in premises for various purposes from the electric grid.

✔ When using alternative energy sources (wind generators, solar panels) we get free heating.

COZY provides an opportunity to safely and economically heat preschool, school, medical and other social facilities.

The heating system is suitable for operation in facilities with low allocated power capacity.

Problems addressed by COZY heating:

Description of the problem and its relevance to the global market:

1. Safety

а) Very often in different regions of the country there are explosions of boiler equipment, due to a number of reasons, such as: improper operation, the human factor, the use of equipment and fuel of inadequate quality, the complete or partial lack of necessary maintenance of heating systems.

б) A large number of cases of carbon monoxide poisoning due to equipment malfunction and related factors.

в) Many fires arise due to the use of low-quality and home-made heaters. Often heaters with high starting power load the wiring, which leads to ignition.

2. High cost of building an autonomous boiler room and laying communications for heating. This significantly increases the cost per square meter

а) The high initial cost of the project is the purchase of the equipment itself, its installation, and communication to each of the apartments. Heat loss during the transportation is also great, and this is an extra cost.

б) Necessity of maintaining the whole system in working position. When connecting to the heating plant, all the duties of servicing the equipment fall on the shoulders of the specialists of the company providing the services, now, with any breakdown, you will have to solve the problem on your own. This means that it will be necessary to hire specialists who will conduct a regular inspection of the equipment, and if breakdowns are identified, repair them. This can deliver extra hassle and financial costs.

3. High operating costs for heating in low-rise housing

а) A large number of non-gasified settlements are forced to be heated by furnaces, solid fuel boilers, electric heating devices. The operation of such heating is very expensive and often unsafe.

б) The need to purchase expensive equipment and lay additional communications.

Geography of СOZY heating presence is in more than 50 subjects of the Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, the countries of the Customs Union, Europe, and North America, where heating projects for private housing of apartment buildings, commercial and municipal facilities are carried out.

Since the start of production, more than two hundred thousand COZY electric heaters have been implemented, more than 15,000 main heating projects in the residential sector and more than 1000 projects of commercial and municipal facilities were conducted.

Since 2017, COZY heating has been recognized as energy-efficient and Heat Technology became a member of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The own Design Department together with the power engineering cluster of the Skolkovo Innovation Center develops drafts and a complete set of working design documentation.

COZY wall heater has a certificate of compliance with the IC PublicCorporation "State Missile Center named after Makeev." Certificate of the Customs Union. Patent for the heating element. Patent for the electric heater. COZY electric heater passed research tests at the Research Institute "Energy Efficient Technologies" of Kazan National Research Technical University. Based on the results of the research, comparing the consumed and released the power of the COZY heater, it was found that the efficiency of this device lies in the range of 99.7-99.9%.

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