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Heat Technology Plant

Rules of operation

Selection of place to install "COZY" electric heaters and external temperature regulator in the room:

Select the place of installation of the electric convector "COZY". "COZY" Electric convector (hereinafter referred to as "Electric convector") should be located mainly under the window openings, along the external walls, and as close to the floor surface as possible. In this case, the minimum clearance from the floor surface to the lower edge of the Electric Heater shall be at least 3 cm.

Selection of temperature controller installation. Place the temperature controller as far as possible in places that reflect the average temperature of the room.

Avoid placing the device near doors, heat sources, and in places where there is too much or too little ventilation.

The temperature controller is installed at a height of 1.2... 1.5 meters from the floor surface.

The electric convector is designed for stationary installation on the wall, the design allows the installation of the electric convector on the floor (mobile version) on the jack stands. Jack Stands are not included and are purchased separately.

As the main heating Electroconvectors are connected to the thermostat to install and maintain the desired temperature in the room within + 5... + 30 ° С.


It is strictly forbidden to start and operate the Electric convector without its fixation on brackets on the wall (without installed jack stands - on the floor). It is allowed to start and operate the electric convector only in a vertical position with the air intake screen down, parallel to the floor.

After storing the Electroconvector or transporting it at low temperature, before switching on, it must be kept at room temperature for at least 1 hour. Check compliance of your electrical network with the technical data of the Electric Convector, given in the "Operation Manual." If necessary, consult the seller or a representative of the service center.

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