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Heat Technology Plant


1. Installation and starting of heating system is performed when the temperature in the room is not lower than + 5 ° С (warm the room with air gun)
2. Power supply voltage check (the norm is 220 * 240 V)
3. Marking on places of the arrangement of electric heaters (under windows or on walls contacting the street)
4. Drilling Holes in the Wall
5. Setting the Reflective Screen
6. Attachment of brackets to the wall
7. Suspension of a heater on brackets
8. Connection of heaters to each other in parallel with the three-wire wire of the corresponding section
9. Installation and connection of temperature controller
10. Routing of the backbone network cable
11. Starting the heating system

Installation works

After all electrical work in the rooms, the central main cable must be connected to the electric panel on a separately output circuit breaker of the power required to start the heating system. Start the system, check the condition of the main wires for their heating, as well as check the operation of the temperature controller to turn on and off the heating system. Pleasant use!

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