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Warranty service

For all models of COZY electric heaters, the warranty prescribed by law within the framework of the manufacturer's responsibility for defects applies. Warranty support is provided to customers by the authorized service center "COZY-service," regardless for which country it was produced and in which country the equipment is. Responsible for the high quality of heating equipment, the manufacturer provides various types of after-sales support. Below you will find "General Manufacturer Warranty Terms"

Manufacturer Warranty Terms

The warranty period for COZY electric heaters is calculated from the date of transfer of new equipment to the first buyer. The total warranty period for new equipment is 3 (three) years, with the following: Terms of warranty support are contained in the Equipment Certificate attached to the product passport (printed edition with requirements). Service life is up to 25 years.

What is covered by the manufacturer's warranty?

The Manufacturer's obligations under the "New Equipment Warranty" apply exclusively to defects (defects) in the original scope of supply (factory configuration). The subsequent modification of the configuration and additional equipment of the new electric heater shall be permitted by the Manufacturer/Importer, fulfiiling the following conditions: availability of technology to perform such changes in the Manufacturer's documentation and its compliance; performance of work by an authorized Service Center that has right to make such changes; Use of Manufacturer's parts suitable for this model of the COZY electric heater with appropriate changes to the technical datasheet. In case of non-compliance with any of the above conditions, any mechanical penetration into the COZI electric heaters is considered unauthorized.

What is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty?

Warranty obligations do not apply to defects and damages caused by:
- Independent disassembly of electric heater;
- In case of mechanical damages of heater housing;
- In case of separation and damage of electric heater power supply wire;
- When connected to the network with voltage more than 240 volts;
- When used for other purposes;
- In case of improper transportation and storage.

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