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Heat Technology Plant

Technical specifications

COZY Electric heater is designed for heating residential, domestic, office premises, sports, and cultural objects.

The body of the electric heater is made of 0.7-mm thick steel, painted with polymer paint of standard white color or any color of the RAL line on all sides, which completely eliminates corrosion. The radiator built into the heater body is made of galvanized steel. The resistive electric heater is made of multi-alloy metal thread mounted in heat-resistant plastic. The electric heater is made of anti-corrosive materials, which allows it to be used in wet rooms.

Features of models

Model COZY-М2: 500 X 750 X 30mm (power 0.25 kW, 0.32 kW, 0.45 kW)

Model COZY-М3: 350 X 900 X 33mm (power 0.25 kW, 0.32 kW, 0.45 kW)

Model COZY-N3: 350 X 1050 X 38mm (0.72 kW power)

Model COZY-Н2: 750 X 500 X 40mm (0.72 kW power)

COZY-V3 model: 350х990х34 mm (power of 0.45 kW)

Trim COZY -model: 1050х170х30 mm (power of 0.3 kW)

Weight: from 8 kg to 11 kg (depending on model)

Efficiency of the device: 99,7-99,9%

Released Thermal Power:

249.9 W (± 5%);

299.9 W (± 5%);

319.9 W (± 5%);

449.9 W;


Voltage: 220-240 volts

Protection Class: 1

Degree of protection: IP 24

Recommended heating area:during insulation by Construction Rules and regulations 23-02-2003 (by heat losses)

Power 0.25 kW - up to 6 m2 (15 m3), i = 0.2

Power 0.3 kW (Trim COZY -model) - up to 4 m2 (10 m3), i = 0.2

Power 0.32 kW - up to 8 m2 (20 m3), i = 0.35

Power 0.45 kW - up to 10 m2 (25 m3), i = 0.35

Power 0.72 kW - up to 15 m2 (37 m3), i = 0.35

Important: When the voltage in the network drops, the thermal power of the electric heater drops

Type Codes and Formulas

K- W/( m2 * K), energy dissipation factor equal for wood or metal rooms without thermal insulation 3-4; from single brickwork with small thermal insulation 2-2.4; from double brickwork with average thermal insulation 1.0-1.9; from brickwork and double thermal insulation 0.6-0.9; i - coefficient of air infiltration (entering the room from the street through doorways, window openings, slots in the floor, walls, etc.)


1) The heater without a light switch is equipped with a three-wire wire with a length of 0.4 meters without a plug, used in the main heating system with a connection to the temperature controller.
2) The heater with a light switch is equipped with a 0.7-meter three-core wire and a plug with grounding, used as additional heating.

The package includes:

Electric convector - 1 pc.

Connecting wire - 0.7 m.

Suspended bracket - 2 pcs.

Dubel nail - 4 pcs.

Operating manual - 1 pc.

Packing - 1 pc.

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