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Heat Technology Plant

Principle of operation

COZY heating is a real alternative to central and gas heating. The main feature of KOZY is the use of a patented three-layer version of the placement of the heating element "ML Double H." Design, which allows to achieve uniform temperature over the entire area of the housing and provide maximum heat removal inside the radiator.

The heating element is made of a special multi-component alloy using Nano-technologies, embedded in a heat-resistant plastic. The monolithic design of the heating element minimizes all possible heat losses, demonstrating a high reliability and longer life of the device.

The aerodynamic design of the body in a duet with a heating element, located according to the "ML Double H" technology, provides a double method of heat transfer: convection air movement and heat due to infrared radiation.

COZY technologies save up to 50% of electricity compared to other types of heating.

This is an ideal solution for heating private houses in which there is a limited supply of electricity.

Convection 60%: cold air enters through the grille in the lower part of the heater, passes through the heating element located inside the device, and leaves already heated through the upper part of the heater smoothly spreading through the room.

Heat radiation 40%: heat comes from the front and rear sides of the heater surface.

This type of heating allows achieving 99.9% efficiency. This means that almost all electricity consumed from the network is converted to heat since there are no heat carriers.

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